Ogeechee Riverkeeper

March 2020

Recreation Map

Ogeechee Riverkeeper has just released an interactive map as a guide to public and private landing sites within the Ogeechee River basin. 

More locations will be added, including those within Fort Stewart.

Recreational map

April Paddle Trip

Join a paddle trip on April 25, 2020 as we explore the Canoochee within Fort Stewart. The exact route will be chosen at a later date, based on waters levels. 

Trips are free for members, or $35 for non-members.

Rain garden

Rain gardens

Is there a spot in your yard where water always puddles? Do you have trouble with water gathering around your foundation? Luckily, a rain garden is an easy and attractive way to handle the issue, and it has the added benefit of helping the environment.

ATL capitol

At the Capitol

Ogeechee Riverkeeper is working hard to make sure legislation is environmentally sound. 

Read more about our legislative priorities and how you can take action.

Adopt A Stream


Ogeechee Riverkeeper is a community coordinator for the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream program.

Citizens can help the riverkeeper assess stream and water quality throughout the basin.

Under the Microscope

Investigation highlight: Ogeechee Riverkeeper is investigating a stream with an odd appearance on McWhorter Drive on Skidaway Island. It has recently exhibited unusual color, clarity, and odor.

We are working with the regulatory authorities to trace the source and determine the cause. We will share updates as they become available.

Landfill update

Screven County Planning and Zoning Committee unanimously denied a recommendation for a new regional landfill that would be just two miles from the Ogeechee River. 

County commissioners will cast their final vote on March 19. All are encouraged to support the citizens of Screven Co. and attend the final push to defeat the landfill. 


Take Action

There are many ways you can help the Ogeechee Riverkeeper protect, preserve and improve the waterways within the basin.


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